Learn from cloud security experts and get to know the Panther platform. 
Learn to secure your cloud with Panther
Learn how to bootstrap your Cloud-Native SIEM with Panther.
Panther 101
Duration: 33 minutes
Learn how to perform real-time continuous monitoring of your AWS cloud infrastructure with Panther.
Cloud Security 101
Duration: 18 minutes
Learn how to leverage Panther to collect and analyze terabytes of security logs in Snowflake with low cost and real-time alerts.
Replacing Legacy SIEM with Panther and Snowflake
                                               Duration: 1 hrs
Learn practical techniques for eliminating common vulnerabilities and securing S3 buckets.
Detecting Breaches in S3 
Duration: 27 minutes
Learn how to configure and analyze osquery data with Panther
Osquery Log Analysis
Learn how to capture network traffic information, detect anomalies, and prevent malicious activity in your AWS VPC
AWS VPC Flow Logs
How to monitor and harden S3 buckets with Panther
S3 Bucket Monitoring
How to instrument S3 buckets and monitor for suspicious activity
S3 Bucket Access Logging
Test, manage, package, and deploy all of your detections using Panther’s CLI tool
Panther Analysis Tool
Automatic Log Compaction
Searching in Panther Enterprise is now 10x faster
and uses 60% less storage 
Perform threat detection on Suricata, CloudTrail, Apache Access, and GitLab logs with Panther
New Log Parsers
Writing Custom Policies in Panther
Explore how to write custom threat detections and automatic remediations.
Panther Cloud SIEM Demo
Take a tour of the Panther UI and learn about the platform's core functionality. 
Threat Hunting with Panther
Learn how to use Panther to detect, investigate, and remediate security threats.
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